Founder’s Story

Hi, I’m Summer!

 I didn’t speak a word of English at 21, however, I believed that being fluent in English would open a number of doors for me to become a global citizen and to broaden my horizon. I didn’t know exactly where English would take me, but with a bit of hope, I continued learning English, day and night. After four years of effort, I began to reap the benefits of being able to use English to pave the way in opening doors of opportunities at an international level!

As I became confident with English, I began to travel and work for international organizations and I have encountered a lot of people struggling with English. Such obstacles hampered them from achieving their professional goals and dreams. I wanted to help those people to speak fluent English to achieve their dreams. One day while I was in Uganda working, I decided to share my experience and tips with people who’re having a hard time learning English, so I created a YouTube channel, Start English Now.

So far, I have had over 7 million views on my channel with 170K subscribers 

I’m also the author of the English conversation book, New Yorker Summer’s Real Life English.

After I started speaking English fluently, I obtained a masters degree in International Educational Development from Columbia University, one of Ivy League universities in the USA — Amazing time with friends and unexpected opportunities in NY. I became a certified international trainer on global cultures and communications and leaderships at PaulnMark. I also worked as an international affairs coordinator to build an international energy graduate school (KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School) in South Korea, worked for two international NGOs; Liberty in North Korea and Educate!. I also interpreted for numerous media platforms and events, including The New Yorker, Al Jazeera, VOA, and many more! Those invaluable experiences have taught me so much about the world and helped me grow tremendously. 

I can’t even list all the important opportunities that have been laid out ahead of me thanks to my English language skills. Now, I want to help you to have many doors open for you with our expertise in helping YOU speak fluent English! 


Summer Terwindt-Park
Speaky Peaky Founder